Principle Investigators

Principle Investigator: Dean John Hemminger

Surface chemistry forms the basis for research in the laboratory of Dean Hemminger. The Hemminger research group studies fundamental solar energy conversion processes relating to metal-semiconductor interactions, heterogeneous catalysis, and liquid-solid interfaces.

Principle Investigator: Professor Alan F. Heyduk

Multi-electron transfers are required for chemical reactions of importance to industry and the environment, such as photochemical water splitting. The Heyduk research group designs and synthesizes molecules that efficiently carry out these multi-electron reactions using redox-active ligand platforms.

Principle Investigator: Professor Matt Law

The Law research group focuses on developing new materials and nano-architectures for solar energy conversion. The lab integrates materials synthesis and fundamental opto-electronic characterization with device fabrication, testing, modeling, and optimization for solar cells and water-splitting devices.

Principle Investigator: Professor Reginald M. Penner

Research in the Penner research group focuses on the electrodeposition and characterization of nanowires composed of semiconductors and metals for use in thermoelectrics and chemical sensing. He will also serve as the first director of the Center.