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Biweekly Solar Lunch Group 2012 Schedule:

Time: 12:00 pm, Location: Natural Sciences II, 1201

Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 9 Wes Cramer (Heyduk Group) Donor Acceptor Complexes Based on Redox Active Ligands
Jan. 23 Mark Gibbs (Law Group) Dissecting the Enhanced Performance of the PbS/ZnO Nanocrystal Solar Cells Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Feb. 6 Sara Adams (Ragan Group) Non-Lithographic Planar Assembly of Au Nanoparticle Clusters on Copolymer Templates for Enhanced Electromagnetic Fields
March 5 Amir Mazaheripour (Gorodetsky Group) Implications of bottom-up graphene nanoribbons to the rational design of organic photovoltaics
March 19 Sean Seefeld (Law Group) Pyrite Thin Film Heterojunctions
April 9 James Tiang (Hemminger Group) Metal/TiO2 Nanocomposites Via Photoreduction
April 23 Amanda Weber (Law Group) Iron Pyrite thin Film Processing Using Molecular Precursor Inks
May 7 Wendong Xing (Penner Group) Making Better Photodetectors and Photon Sources Using Nanogaps
May 21 Anthony Burke (Gorodetsky Group) Nanostructured Organic Solar Cell Active Layers Inspired by DNA and Protein DNA Interactions
June 4 Moritz Liminsel (Law Group) Electrical Transport in Iron Pyrite